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Driveways Road Damage Deposit Ordinance Notice


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that, on December 19, 2013, the Town Board of the Town of Forest enacted Ordinance No. 2013-5, titled Driveways Road Damage Deposit Ordinance. This ordinance repeals the previous Driveway Ordinance. It requires a permit and establishes construction requirements for constructing driveways in the Town. It establishes a group application permit process and procedures for developments that require three or more driveways as part of the entire development. It also requires developers, persons constructing driveways, or seeking building permits to file road damage deposits sufficient to secure repair costs for roads that may be damaged in connection with construction related to new construction or installation of buildings, structures and driveways in the Town. The ordinance establishes application procedures, construction specifications, permit fees, road damage deposit requirements, and administrative deposits for professional review of applications.

The full text of Ordinance No. 2013-5 may be obtained from the Town Clerks office at the Town of Forest Town Hall, 1895 Highway D, and Emerald, WI 54013. The Town Clerks phone number is: 715-265-4777. The ordinance can also be obtained on the Towns website at which is available at

Dated this 20 day of Dec, 2013:
Marilyn Benson
Town Clerk, Town of Forest